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Why aren't all my locations enabled with alerts?

Great app, but why is the iOS app not able to alert me for every location I have saved when a significant weather event is taking place? I mean, just one location receives weather alerts?? The Android app does it. I don't understand why Apple can't/won't do it. Other than that, great app!

Weatherbug Elite Review

I live in the Eugene-Springfield, Oregon and Weatherbug is very accurate and convenient way to prepare your day!

Excellent Weather App

Read all reviews and despite their issues I’ve had not. This app is working well on spot on for weather. Hats off to Weather Bud!

Great App

Does what I expect out of an weather app. Good forecasting and city recognition that I’m in.

My fave weather app

Very reliable, excellent radar and pretty accurate forecasts. As the title says, this is my favorite weather app.

Works as it should

I have no issues with this App / very direct in terms of using it - simple no fuss does what it's supposed to

Love the ad free version.

The new version (the ad free one) works great with the iPhone 10. While my other weather apps are heading in the wrong direction, Weather Bug is leading the pack! Well organized and a pleasure to use.

Great App

I have been using Weather Bug for as long as I can remember. My wife uses the weather channel app and my weather bug is always more precise.

Excellent weather app

So much more accurate than any other app, including the weather Channel. And now even easier to use. I will say that the station is close to me, however, when they project let’s say 88 degrees in hot weather, it’s always 2-3 degrees hotter. So I can tell what it’s really going to be by adding that to their prediction.

My Weather Go To App

I love the WeatherBug Elite App. It is always accurate and exactly what I need to plan my days activities and my wardrobe.


The app. Works quite well in this area!

Great App

Ap on all my phones and ipads. Reliable and easy to use.

Dependable travel report

I don’t leave the House without making plans with weatherbug. In West Texas conditions change quickly it helps to be well informed.

WeatherBug is great!

It has always been reliable and easy to use.

Forecast Accuracy Could use some improvement

While the app functions well and has improved over the years, the accuracy of the hourly and daily temperature forecasts tend to be inaccurate as compared to local weather forecasts on the TV or other online sources. Might want to try to source the data from another vendor. I find I rely on the radar function for the best indicator of rain by the hour. Overall it’s useful but it could be better.

Great Service.

Easy to use and usually correct.

Happy day

My friend has been telling me for two years to get Weatherbug and I kept ignoring him, trying three other apps and doing it my way. Finally caved, paid for the good one and I really like it! So easy to pick my most favorite things to look at before a bike ride: the hourly, radar maps, all right across the top of the screen, no scrolling down through loads of other stuff. So far so good, such a pleasure to use.

Love it!

I use it for forecasts, lightning data as more! I’m a route driver and I can get good info for where I’m headed next!

Love it

Been relying on WeatherBug for several years. Latest update seems to have fixed the slow loading radar maps.

5 stars for continued free updates.

I’ve used this app for a very long time. As long as I get free updates for this app I’ll continue my 5 star review updates. Thank you for all these years.

Love the interface and the cams

Weather information is easy to read. WeatherBug is my favorite app for weather.

Best of the rest!

While no weather app is perfect, and I’ve tried many, both free and paid; this one has been the most consistent and user friendly for my needs.

Works Great!

Works very well and changes location automatically

iPhone X support?

I love weather bug, have used for years. But when will you support iPhone X screen size?!? Im almost to the point I want to switch to something else.

Best Weather Ap

Used them all, WaetherBug is, by far, my favorite.


Works well for me, a runner, gives me what I need to know.

Country Rabbitt

Works great. Much better than local news station.

Great App

Great APP gives me all the Weather I need and accurately.

Great app

I love everything about this app. Sure beats the Weather Channel app! Keep up the great work!

Spot on

Great app. Correct 90% of the time or more

The best paid weather app for iphone

First off disregard all reviews of less than 3 stars as they are rubbish written by morons. Have tried all of the best professional paid weather apps. This one is the best as of 2017 for iphone. Some others are close. This has info laid out well. Has all needed info. Alerts are good. Very configurable. If you have a rock bottom cheapo phone with no memory then buy a decent phone. Although this app takes less memory than many. Its not a problem. And you do not need to use clouds. It will find any location or you can enter it. Has very good radar graphics also. For ten bucks i would not be without it.

I hate it!

New layout is horrible. Everythjs is just way too big. The older version had all the info you could possibly need right on the main screen. No scrolling through a bunch of useless garbage! You ruined the app!

Great weather app!!!

Love this app!! Gives full details of all your weather and allergy info. The weather alerts are the best!!! Come in quick and fast vs the other weather alert apps I have used.

Deleted it

Improved with complicated expanded graphics making it less easy to see the weather bits


The weather app for iPhone I've had it for years and it ant let me down yet and I use it on my job a lot

Good but X support is needed

By far the most accurate weather. Simple as that. But iPhone X support is badly needed. We all paid good money for this app, it should be updated quickly.

Best Weather App

I purchase most weather apps out there so I can use the best one. Weather Bug is the best. I love the ability to “nest” cities and to see a real Time lightening detector. I love this app.

Daily Use

My husband and I use Weather Bug at least once a day if not more.


This is my go to weather app. I use it multiple times throughout the day and stuff like that.

5 Star

This is the best weather app!

Accurate and fast

I had the free version when it first came out. Liked it then, upgraded to the ad free and L O V E I T !! Thanks for a great app !

Was better before bells and whistles were added on last update.

Was better before bells and whistles were added on last update. Was easier to see exactly what you wanted quickly. When will developers learn when to leave a great product alone? There is such a thing as too much of a good thing.


*review is updated to 4 stars when it is one releases behind the free version* How come the paid version which is identical to the freemium minus IAPs doesn't get updated. The sister version of Weather Bug has had 0 updates so far since this was released. People who paid for the app also deserve the bug fixes and performance enhancements.

Favorite weather app.

Current and assignable locations. Uncluttered interface. Accurate data. Peripheral weather data included. Assignable radar overlays. Good stuff. I wish they would bring back the weather girl they had a few years ago.

Consistent and Accurate

Very consistent and accurate in reporting and forecasting weather data for living in remote area of W Texas. While traveling throughout the USA, it has also been our go-to app for trip planning with its excellent maps and weather data for any place we find ourselves. Could not be more pleased!

Old version was much better

I have used WeatherBug for many years, I even paid for the elite. This new version is not as user friendly. Changing location was easy before with just a slide of the page that's gone. The weather stations are very limited now. There use to be many more with the old version plus I think it was much more accurate. Wish they would stop trying to improve things that aren't broke.

Wow! I love it!

I have five weather apps on my iPhone and each one is a little different in the info they provide. This app is top dog in the amount of info. it provides. I love it.

Good app!

I like this weather app since I can check weather where my friends and family are, as well as the area around me.

Boots ?

You never have to be over dressed or under dressed with this app. I applaud the latest updates. I share it with friends daily.

WeatherBug Elite used to be Great

I paid for WeatherBug Elite a few years ago. It worked great 100% of the time. Now it get data sometimes. That is bad form!

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