WeatherBug Elite App Reviews

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Wearther 👎🏻👎🏻

Use to be Great app NOT anymore weather is wrong ! It’s raining out and app says SUNNY just not dependable anymore.


Love Weatherbug!!! It is the most accurate for our area. Temp is always right on!!!


KittyDancer dances happily and safely with Weatherbug. Great radar maps. Good alerts. Very pleased.

Bug Elite in Benton county Minnesota

Living in the country and being a sky warn spotter demands a good weather app. A good radar map with parameters for humidity, wind speeds and rain density are a great feature. I recommend the Bug Elite to my my friends and family

Great app always works

Best app


Like the old version that was a five stars. Now that I have gotten use to the changes, it is much better than the old version. I don’t ever look at my other weather apps that I had and bought.




It’s my go to for all things weather. It’s accurate and gives me the tools to know what’s going on now, and in the future. Worth it.

Always loved Weatherbug App!!

Great App, always helpful!

WeatherBug elite

A very good and easy to use weather app. Worth buying to remove ads. It’s in the first place in my weather app!!!

Bring back wind speed on hourly forecast

Bring back wind speeds on the hourly forecast. I use it for fishing/boating. So it’s more helpful with the wind speeds

Good App

I use it several times every day.


I absolutely love WeatherBug I use it every day.


But just today I’ve totally lost the ability to sort the items in the "NOW” view. Really bad now ‘cause I have to scroll and scroll to see the items I want to see UPDATE: 24 hours later and I’ve ditched ELITE. I’m 70 years old and been a weather geek all my life due to working outside my whole working life for utility companies. The WEATHER UNDERGROUND app is THE most REPLETE, COMPLETE weather app I’ve EVER tried. NO ADS on iOS version and $1.99/year for the Android version. Amicably... bye-bye to Weather Bug and all things Accuweather.


It’s a great weather app. Dependable forecasts and temps. Real time radar very useful


Just want to know if I happen to change phones can I take or download weatherbug elite? I already paid the 9.99 for it!

Go to Weather App!!!!

My trusted weather source for many years. Keep up the great work.

Love It!

I absolutely adore weather bug elite and have used it for close to a decade (I started using it way back on the first Blackberry Bold) and it’s only gotten better over time!

My Favorite Weather App

I really like this app - I have the regular weather app on my iPhone and I have this one. The weather forecasting on weather seems historically to be more accurate. Also it gives me several features which I use regularly and have come to depend on: perhaps the most important of these is weather alerts from the national weather service regional service office. These alerts include things like winter storm warnings, high wind warnings, severe weather (hail) warnings, flood warnings, etc. it tells how far away the lightening strikes occurring in the last 30 minutes are. In the winter these are typically over 1000 miles, but in the summer they can be less than a mile. I like the radar view feature, the highway camera view feature, the detailed hour by hour feature. This is really a great app and I use it a lot! Many thanks to the provider!

Works great

Didn’t load onto old iPhone 5 - have a 6s now. Works great like it used to.

WBug review

Consistently accurate weather forecasts, well designed and easy to use. Weather Bug is great!

I want my Nome Alaska real time camera back!!!

Where’s the Alaska Camera????

Go to App for Weather

No App is ever perfect, no App will change your life...this App however provides the information I need each day to plan my day and week, thanks for diligently working to improve this App to provide us all with a great service.

Love weatherbug!

I’ve had this app since I got my first iPhone 3G. So I’ve had the app since 2008, 10 years!! No complaints at all recommend use for anyone and everyone!

Works great!

I am a contractor in Pittsburgh that works 90 perfect outdoors. This app is a must have for me for work. More accurate then my local weather channels on tv. Keep up the with updates and it works great.

Depend on it.

Weather Bug works for me. Been to other areas of the country and its always worked. I recommend it.


As a truck driver I heavily depend on this app and I only do so because of the accuracy and additional information it provides. I have a few other fellow drivers that call me for updates on driving conditions. Love this app. Highly recommended.

Works well

Works well. Been really helpful

Worth it

A great tool!

weather Bug Elite

Best weather app I’ve ever used.

Great app

It's nice to get temperatures from local (sometimes within a few miles) weather stations.

Great app

During the boating season I rely on WeatherBug to keep me informed. The radar feature is amazingly accurate.



The only weather app I use

Not perfect, but no app is, right? This gives me a lot of pertinent info, better than the local tv or iPhone app, and can come with me wherever I go and it knows where I am.

Still dependable

Still working

Accurate & User-friendly

Generally as accurate as any weather prediction can be expected to be ... Easy to add & delete locations to be monitored ... Remarkable, almost pin-point, locations available ...

Great for iPhone & Ipad

Love this app easy to use and quick to load


I love this app!

Very Useful & Accurate

We’ve been using for over 2yrs - helps in planning the day - helps keep us safe - even can see what our friends across the US are experiencing.



Best weather app

I have had no problems with this app. It shows all the cities i check and is very informed and accurate. I am very pleased with this app. I also have the elite app and I am using it on an iphone x.

Layout makes sense and it just works - period.

My go to weather app.

Usually accurate

I use 3 different apps, all are different on weather predictions so can’t say any are always right. The Bug is usually most accurate on 10 day forecast and the other app more accurate for 2 hour rain chance. 3rd app is a radar app and is good to see rain conditions as well as what is coming live. Would highly recommend the Weather Bug in addition to several others for best weather coverage.

Won’t work with Windows 10 and Edge

I love the AP but it will not work with windows 10 I do use it on my iPhone

Bob G

Really good app. Use it all the time.


Great to look at in the morning, fairly accurate for weather conditions.

The best I have found

For me this is the best weather app I have found. It has lots of weather details when you want them but it does not clutter up the basic info when you just want a quick summary. The radar maps work well.

My go to weather app!

No idea why some don’t love this app

Best weather app

Still my go to app for weather, works fine for me. Tells me what I want to know, accuracy seems good for my area.

Lots of issues I guess ... but not with me

Wow. Read reviews. Hard to believe the wide range of experiences. I have tried every weather app I can find on both my iPad and iPhone & I keep coming back to elite version of WeatherBug. Guess I feel comfortable with the user interface. I have had none of the negative experiences: have not needed to contact the developers, I live in a metropolitan area so lots of weather collection points around me, and most importantly I find the reports and alerts accurate for my area. So I have no complaints! I believe what others are saying: if the developers are not responding to users that is a serious issue. I also agree that their marketing has been confusing. Best not to have different versions and different levels of app performance. I noticed the changes in the icon and ignored the issue. Growing pains of the app world. I use Hurr Tracker for info on hurricanes but since they rarely affect my area I could pass. The app Storm gives me graphic detail of surface winds that I depend on for planning my birding trips. The detail available from Weather Underground makes a good case for using their apps. But I keep coming back to WeatherBug ... simple, uncomplicated, accurate, but I will keep several other weather apps handy. That’s it.

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