WeatherBug Elite App Reviews

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Great app

Love this app.

Great program

Always delivers

It’s “OK”

This is a decent quick weather app, but others are much more accurate and detailed in information.

Great weather app!!!

This app is my go-to app for weather. It’s simple to use and very accurate for local weather forecasts.

My go-to weather app

The only app I use for weather.

Weather bug

One great all around weather app

Still great only more

Have had this up for a number of years. I like the new update. They do a nice job.


I love this app! I especially like the layers feature, where you can check storm activity, or radar or cloud cover. The radar refresh works flawlessly. I've never had a problem with this app, even before an update!

Very happy now

For quite a long time this app was very bad. I am very happy the developer stepped up and did the right thing. I paid for Weatherbug Elite a long time ago and thought it was dead. It works great. Thank you very much!!


Like the old version that was a five stars. Now that I have gotten use to the changes, it is much better than the old version.

Excellent Weather App

Everything I want in a weather app and more. Certainly worth the every penny of the cost.

Good weather app

Good weather app. Clean interface.

Just Subpar.

Some time ago, I contacted the Developer regarding their complete lack of hurricane forecasting. No response, no improvement, nothing...yet, their app slogan is ‘Know Before’. The only thing I now know is that I need to look elsewhere, anywhere, for storm forecasting. The app shows a map/photo that CANNOT BE ENLARGED! Who does this? Team up with another product to provide even a bare-minimum tracking product! (And yes, I inquired about this feature before purchasing). For those that do not live in hurricane-prone areas, beware of other storm-related features this garbage app does not provide. DO. NOT. PURCHASE!!!!!!

Love it!

Works great for me! The weather map in motion is my favorite feature!

Love it.

Like the new look

One of my favorites

I have loved weatherbug for years. It is the first weather app I reach for when I want to know

Weatherbug App

Excellent app. Meets my weather needs which is very important up here in Northern Vermont where the weather can be quite tricky at times especially in the winter. This app has come a long way since its beginning. Worth the $.


A review of mine a few months back ripped it apart due to poor movement of radar. That’s been corrected. It’s now back to being my go to weather app. I’d like to see predictive radar, but it’d good as is. My home was gutted during Sandy so accurate, timely forecasts & warnings are important to us.


Good when the weather is good. Bad when the weather is bad. Seems to have trouble showing radar images when raining

Love it!

Love it!

Spark is our go to lightning app

We work outside with explosives. Sometimes aways from the nearest vehicle. Spark is our double check from hand held detectors which can be set off by almost any electrical interference.

Almost perfect

Does everything I need it to do. Needs some UI thinking through but it's almost perfect.

Excellent weather app.

Great App.

Excellent App

App detects location well and gives relevant weather alerts.

Weather bug app

I love this app


Like the other version more than the new one

Love it

I've had this app for about 5 years now. Never had any issues.😀

Main display a mess

The 2012 (1.5!) version of the app stopped working with iOS 11. I kept using it because the main display was a study in simplicity compared to the horrible jumble of garbage in this new version. Updated and instantly regretted it. Moving on to other weather apps.

Everything you need

Very comprehensive providing all the info you need in a compact design. Quick summary display plus the ability to dig deeper and get full day details hour by hour and 10 day forecast. If it had Dark Sky data included, it would be perfect and the only weather app needed.


KittyDancer dances happily and safely with Weatherbug. Great radar maps. Good alerts. Very pleased.

Wont work on NEW iPhone 6s

App opens and just crashes on the new phone w Verizon. Even with all system updates. Just frustrated as I purchased the elite thinking it would fix this issue.

Bob G

Really good app. Use it all the time.

Good weather info

It works. Nice graphics. Extensive weather data. I use it along with other apps to pin point our local weather.

No share

On my android note 4 I can post the weather from the elite weather bug on my Facebook page. There is NO SHARE here on the ipad version. I want a refund

Great and Accurate

Saved me several times while out on the bike

Great app

Good little app

Weatherbug is a great app!

I use Weatherbug everyday--sometimes several times a day. It's very useful to gauge when storms may arrive, especially when planning outdoor activities like golf or tennis and essential when traveling out of town.

One of my favorite apps!

I check my WeatherBug app several times each and every day for reliable forecasts 😊

Favorite weather app.

It's been my favorite weather app for years and they add great functionality all the time.


Love the real time Doppler!

Won't stay on.

Newly updated this week. Closes before it starts. Freeing memory and hard reboot don't make a difference. Reverted to advertising version; that does't work. May be iOS update at fault, but I can't do anything about that. You guys <generic gender: qvit kvetching; sheesh> work this out. Guess I'll find another app. Shame tho. Good when it worked.

My GOTO Weather App

This has always been my favorite weather app. I think I have tried them all, and always come back to this. Love the accuracy and style!

No updates

How come the paid version which is identical to the freemium minus IAPs doesn't get updated. The sister version of Weather Bug has had 0 updates so far since this was released. People who paid for the app also deserve the bug fixes and performance enhancements.

Wind gust is missing

Besides that no complaints


Very up to date.


Does the job, I use it along with a few other weather apps for casual weather tracking.

Great App

Is the only weather App I use.


This is the most reliably accurate weather APP including NOAA!



Use it all the time

Reliable, lots of info, easy to maneuver once you get the hang of it

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