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Elite app

I am a medical provider that relies on the most up to date information for the safety of my patientS, athletes and by standards. This is the closest app to saving lives. I appreciate the easiness of the app interface. But information usually gets backlogged or missed when trying to update on the most up to date radar possible even with the elite app. I guess I will need to purchase a whole weather system to save lives in the future. Also, when trying to read articles, the story lines overlap and are impossible to read. I would go and choose another app if you are advising patrons and patients if their safety. If you are a civilian then this would be a great app otherwise!

Hourly stuff

Hourly forecasts are often off ...but use satellite to be sure

Useful app

Provides good information in a timely manner.

Widget not working

Widget says I need to agree to terms of service and privacy policy but I did that but does not change in the widget. Otherwise love the app and it works great.

Must Have

Weather Bug is a great app. You can get weather info from all over the United States. You should download it.

Love it

Weather bug helps me make good choices in the morning and is accurate on an hourly basis as to what the weather will be. The feature of having several different locations is also extremely useful. It helps me know how to dress myself and the kids, and also what the air-quality and other problems might be.

This is a great app!!

I use this app everyday and find it very easy to use and dependable!

Loading radar

The radar takes a long time to load even connected to WiFi, and every update does not and has not fix this problem!!!!

Love weather bug

This is my go to app for all things weather! Thank you WeatherBug!

Spark is a JOKE.

Appears to function till lighting is close enough to hear thunder in the distance at which point all you get is a black screen when launched. What good is an app that fails every time you need it.

Love it but.....

I wtried the regular and elite versions and the main reason I use your app is for the lightning map as I live in Fl and they come up quickly. For 2 days I haven’t been able to get anything but a black screen of death on regular weatherbug and the elite version! If it’s gets fixed soon I’ll change my rating otherwise it’s no better than any other free weather app and I spent money on elite for nothing.

Not what it used to be

I used to really like this app, so much so that I would have paid more for it. Now it’s so slow and the Spark lightning feature will not even work at all. I have emailed support but have not ever received a response.


Works excellent for me! No hiccups, no lag, and no inaccuracies. Hoping for a new UI from Weatherbug soon! The only issue I have is when trying to access the widget, it will prompt you to accept the Terms which I’ve already accepted before using the app itself. Is this a bug that needs to be fixed? It does it for both Weatherbug and Weatherbug Elite. TechJunkie80

Reliably mediocre

0% chance of rain...downpour. Thanks for being terrible.

Faithful Weatherbug, my friend

I have trusted Weatherbug to keep me informed about the weather since the very, very early 2000’s. As accurate as any guy/gal on TV, and 200% less annoying. Good old, trusted Weatherbug! Try it, you just might like it!

Great reliable weather APP

I can’t give it 5 stars, but can’t give any weather APP 5 stars. The first weather APP that offers 3-D Radar ,estimated wind speed, direction with arrowDirections Wind shear has less than a 2 minute Radar deal until the ddue to radar delay, I

Good app

I have used weather bug for so many years and it’s a really good weather app. But: Why has the weather bug not updated their local pictures since fall of 2017? I enjoyed looking at all the local pictures and I have submit a few also. It made weather bug feel more individualized by sharing local pictures.


The best weather app!

it is great

5 stars

Works Perfectly!

This app is trouble-free on my iPhone 8 Plus. I really like the future radar feature on the weather maps. The ability to add multiple locations makes it easy to check weather at places where I travel. Very happy with this app.

Pretty good app

I like this app a lot, lots of good info. I boat in Florida so it’s handy to have the weather radar out in the gulf. The only complaint I have is sometimes sections of the radar layers either freeze or are missing when animating.

Getting better

No one can give an accurate weather. But this one comes close to be accurate . I like the notifications of lighting strikes and the radar of rain approximately to me too


Not a fan of the radar, there is no future track of storms.

Please, just the weather forecast!!!

I’ve used and enjoyed Weatherbug for years because I got the weather I needed, in any city I wanted, and in a great layout. What I don’t need filling up the bottom fourth of my iPhone screen is “Featured Video”! I can visit YouTube for videos of weather. This was a bad idea, and I hope you will remove it…or at the very least give us the option to move it off of page 1! If not I’ll be forced to find another weather app and delete what used to be the best weather app available.

The forecast I trust

Weather Bug is the only thing I look at to find out the weather.

Best weather app!

I use the native weather app and weather channel app, this one always has more accurate information and notifications are prompt and faster than the other two.

Good, but some inconsistencies

I like the hyperlocal weather data, but the app has inconsistencies. The daily forecast is often different than the hourly forecast (which I find to be completely inaccurate). For example, the daily forecast says 60% chance of rain (similar to other weather forecasts), but the hourly shows 0% all day! This is clearly not correct. Please sync these up.

Got weather

Shows weather in a format that is accurate and easily consumable

Works well

It’s fine on my iPhone 8plus. No hiccups or glitches at all. Good app.


I like being able to list cities of interest. I like the speed of retrieving information also.


Radar has not been working for quite some time. Why?

Very informative

We use this on the job site constantly. The Lightening Strike indicator is one of the most useful tools I have used! It really is very very accurate.

Good. Could be better.

I like this app above most of the others for one reason. It is smaller and does not take up as much space. For that reason alone I will use it. How could it be better? Where I live wind is a big deal. I can see one entry for wind only. Nothing in the hourly forecast. Nothing about current gusts, etc. nothing in the main section, I have to add it. If the app wasn’t space-conscious I would go with other apps that do have a significant wind presence.


I really like this app. They could improve on the radar.


I bought Weather Bug Elite after the Weather Channel Max app added all their ‘fluff’. Now Weather Bug Elite has forced the ‘fluff’ on paying customers. I imagine it’s only a matter of time before they’ll be adding ads to their ad-free app. Someday, I’ll find a weather forecasting app that takes its job seriously instead of puppy and kitten videos because this, unfortunately, isn’t it.


Current lightning strike distance as opposed to “ in the last 30 minutes”

The best site for

Outdoor enthusiasts

Latest update removes features

-UPDATE- It seems v5.4.7 (31) brought back the reorder layout option! The radar also shows a future forecast. Updated my rating accordingly. ——————————— Seems the last update removed layout customization. Also seems the radar is missing future forecast animation.

Turned into the weather channel

Now has gossip and clickbait videos. I just want the weather. Had to delete.


My “go to” App for all weather issues in the CONUS! Best out there. Get!

Not so good anymore

This app used to be good, but it’s slow or sometimes simply doesn’t work. Disappointed.

Dependable and accurate

It is great to have such a dependable and accurate weather tool in my hand. A recent high school spring football game was cancelled after the 3rd quarter because of lightning and rain but not before Weather Bug accurately warned us of the dangerous approaching conditions. Great multi faceted tool!

Lots of info, wish it was more accurate

When checking the hourly forecast, I’ve been surprised many, many times to find it says no rain, when it’s actually raining. When I check the map radar, it does indeed show the moisture. It’s like the one hand isn’t communicating with the other. Makes me wonder how accurate the other info (air quality, pollen, etc) is. I miss Storm.

Great app

Excellent on forecast and alerts. Easy to follow.


Good weather forecasting but still needs a good radar.

Alerts don’t work anymore

Alerts no longer work.

Still need multiple weather apps

I admire different features in different weather apps. I suppose it’s human nature to have favorites. WeatherBug is my favorite for hourly weather at my place. When I am taking a road trip this hourly data at a fixed location is less interesting than more regional coverage. Other apps do a better job here. Only one app gives me an overview of surface winds over a wide region ... and sadly it is no longer supported. We need a weather app that can be user programmed from bits and pieces of our favorites. I would start with WeatherBug and end up with something very different. Suppose we each would craft our own ideal weather app. Good luck.

The BEST Weather App!

I love weather apps (yes, I’m a nut - okay, and a runner), and I love Weather Bug the most. Clean interface, intuitive features, as general or specific as a user may want. I had the free version for years, and it was excellent, but finally opted for the paid version to get the additional bells and whistles.

WeatherBug is the place to go!

I like the hourly and 10 day forecasts. I like the radar.


Love the weather maps! I use it all the time because of ease of use!

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