WeatherBug Elite App Reviews

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Yes would like some additions

I like weatherbug a lot. I wish it had two things. An easier “Tomorrow” view. Details of just tomorrow. And I’d like to be able to scrub back and for the last 90-120 minutes to help see what a storm is doing.

My Favorite Weather Bug With Spark

I love Weather Bug Elite. Thank you very much.

Love this app!

Great app! It has all the info one would need!

Art Summers review

I like where the bug. If they are winds and weather predictions all right most of the time. I work on a fishing boat in Destin Florida and I check those often. I also travel a lot and add check the weather where I am going. I have seen other services but none are as good as weather bug.

Excellent weather

Use it almost every day

Weather Bug

I can always count on my Weather Bug. It has served me very well.

Wind icon

This icon should be live not only when you open the app. Ihave reported that the dewpoint Humidity is way off of the daily rainfall is not correct. In the Chicago area we are soaked with heavy rains here and it says that the dewpoint is 11% not right please fix these issues. Other than that I love the app

My go-to for weather

I use this app several times daily. I have two boys playing on two separate football teams. Weather here in Wisconsin changes rapidly. Weather Bug helps me prepare!!

Love the app!

I love Weather Bug on my iPhone. It keeps me updated on present conditions and gives me a look at what to expect in the upcoming days.

weather bug

I love it I wish the android app was this good and no adds

I in joy the short video

I in joy the short weather video

Great app. Reliable and user friendly.

This is an app I check every day, often more than once. I rely on it.

Go to weather app

Easy to navigate and accurate.

Best weather app out there!!

I have tried many weather apps over the last 8 years on many iPhones up to my current iPhone X. Weather bug tops them all👍



Weather Bug Review

This is the best weather app !!!

Historical and average information

I wish I could find a weather app that had average Hi’s and Lo’s data. A long with historical Hi’s and Lo’s. Sometimes I want to know how close to normal the day may be.

Still the Best

My go-to app for the weather September 2018


Weather bug pro is the best weather app available. Love the program and it’s always accurate and works with no down time.

Totally inaccurate

I’ve used WeatherBug Elite and it’s earlier versions for years. For some time now, I’ve been noticing that it totally missed the forecast. Since I was a longtime user, I just put up with the inaccuracies. Friends have used other, better apps and would often know better what the weather would do. Today was the final straw. The hourly presentation showed 0% throughout the day. No hint of precipitation anywhere the WeatherBug forecast. None. Of course it was pouring rain with lightning, thunder and pea-sized hail. No hint at all from WeatherBug. NONE!!! I was getting significant weather warnings from other apps, but WeatherBug was showing sunny with 0% chance of precip. If this was just one isolated incident, I’d blow it off. But this is the norm for WeatherBug. I gave it two stars because the radar presentation is actually quite good. I spent 30+ years as a radar air traffic controller, so I know what I’m talking about. I’m also a commercially rated pilot. I have formal education and training in meteorology. If the radar presentation wasn’t good on this app I’d permanently delete it.

Weather bug

Nothing fancy but a good overview of what your day looks like. Simple, easy to use with good accuracy.


I would like to see a weather map showing warm/cold fronts and high and low pressure centers. Also a colorized satellite map is needed. The current gray scale map is not useful in seeing the cold vs warm cloud tops in Tstorms, hurricanes etc...showing intensity.

A daily morning alarm that has no off button

Weatherbug use to be a very useful daily info app in my life, with reliable weather alerts that I depended upon. Now it serves as an uncontrollable daily alarm clock to wake us up and numb us to weather alerts that we depended upon, such as tornado warnings. Every morning I get a Pollen Alert, through the same push alert mechanism used by real weather alerts. There is no way to turn this off except by disabling all push alerts (which would include disabling tornado warnings). Presuming this might have been some insidious scheme by an allergy medication sponsor, I deleted Weatherbug app and spent $10 to get the non-advertiser sponsored "Elite" version. Nope, the daily Pollen Alerts occur there too, also with no way to stop it. Pollen alerts occur even on days when there is nothing but rain for the day. I must now consider abandoning this weather app altogether. Humans need to sleep. I have written the developer three times, and found that to be a little better than broadcasting radio transmissions into a black hole.

Great application

More accurate, more weather stations, and easier to read/access data than other apps, including weather apps that claim to be designed for pilots and sailors. However, I wish they included historical data for the past 5 to 7 days on total rainfall, high temperature, and low temperature.


Very helpful to me

Tells it all!

Easy to review multiple locations (trip locations, where kids live, 2nd home) and gives immediate, 10 day, and the regional map pinpoints much better than just a regional prediction = fast, easy, accurate.

Good stuff

Ive had this app for years. I paid 3 or 5 dollars or something. It works great and is very accurate. I work outside and need to keep a eye on lightning and other weather events that can possiblly sorta kill you .

Over the Top New Restrictions are Unfortunate

I am not happy with the new agreement that is now required. It is a legally binding agreement, when all I want is to check the temperature and current conditions. I don’t understand why these restrictions are necessary. This was a great app until now.


I love Weather Bug. It is my way to stay informed about possible emergency weather threats.

Weather Bug

Very helpful while we have been covered in smoke for 2 weeks in Seattle. Air quality report is an excellent tool.

Glad they brought back ELITE

It is the weather app I use. Awesome radars, accurate and easy menus. 21st century is great.

Please fix wind app, it breaks every 6 days.

Please fix wind app. wind section still doesn’t work when I selection automatically detect my location.

Works for me

I’ve used Weather Bug for years. It’s still my quick pick go to app!

Everything you want in a weather ap

WeatherBug is my go to app for all my weather needs.

Long customer

I’ve had this app for years. I remember even paying for an upgraded version because it was so much better. All wether apps have pretty much caught up now, but this to me is the most accurate, easy to use, and worth it.

It’s great

Love it !!!!

So much information!

This app has continued to improve over time, which means the creator wants it to stay relevant. It has gotten progressively more elegant and simple to use, while offering really detailed information not found in other apps. Highly recommended.

Old feature

Early version of WB had an option to turn on chirping sounds with severe weather warning. Any chance you can bring back?

Almost Great

I love the amount of information and easy to read radar. That being said, in my area the radar visual seems to increase the volume of storms. Only reason it’s not a 5. This is one of those I wish you could half stars

My 1st go to on weather data

I’ve downloaded many weather apps, but I go to weather bug first. I’ve deleted all others except 1 other besides this one.


This app has been so reliable for the past 5 years!!!!


Rain fall amounts could be better.

Great App

I check the weather on this app every day!


Have purchased many of the top rated weather, as well as radar Apps. WeatherBug Elite is a far superior App in terms of performance and personalization. Hopefully this App will continue to perform well and not change their philosophy. Unfortunately numerous Apps change their policies whereby they begin to charge those who have already upgraded their membership with monthly charges, etc. WeatherBug - Great Job

Great Radar

Love using the radar part of the app. Would be 5 stars if you could view echo tops of the storm cells. Great use for pilots!

Go Weatherbug!

I’ve used weatherbug for over 4 years. It doesn’t show weather exactly where I am, but close enough for me to be very happy with the app. We’ve moved to a more rural location and it works great out here, too. No app is perfect...weatherbug is close. Keeps me alerted for inclement weather, floods, tornadoes, etc.

Best App Ever

I love its radar for lightning strikes


Accurate and reliable. Always the weather app I go back to, after trying many others over several years.

Weather app.

I find your app. extremely helpful in planning my business. The weather & lightening alerts keep me informed & aide in making sure my employees are not in harms way. Kudos

It’s an awesome app

I’ve had this app on my phone for 10 years and it is awesome. Very accurate and I’ve had no problems with the app.

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