WeatherBug Elite App Reviews

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Great WX Program

The program gives me the info I want and very quick.

Great app

Just what I need.


Good app, loads fast when conditions are right and has accurate information most of the time


Great app I have always loved weather bug and is my go to weather app

Still love it.

I get weather at home, work and the cities my college students are in one easy location. I even added London when we were vacationing. I’m glad I paid and got rid of the bothersome ads.

No notifications

I haven’t received push notifications in months. All settings are set up to receive notifications. Issue is with the app.


Only one word => PERFECT

Air Quality

I hate that air quality is at the top of screen. It should be at the bottom or there should be capability to order features as one wishes. I’ve contacted developer twice. No change. Dislike this.

Quick and accurate

I use Weather Bug several times each week. Not only is it usually as accurate as my local tv weather, when I travel I am able to quickly get an idea of what is happening in the local area. I also use the integration with the Apple Watch so that I can track the outside temp. Great app! 👍

Perfect weather app

Perfect weather app for me !

Dr. J

From state to state, it’s the best!

Weather bug

I have been using weather bug for many many years first on my computer and now on my iPad and iPhone. Has always worked great And very dependable so I guess I say I really really really like. Thanks weather bug and keep up the good work.


Love the Bug!

Always relevant and accurate

Been using it for years. Although no one tool is right, it is one of my three major forecasting apps the I use to get consensus.

Reliable and I use it all the time.

Really like it. When my dog gets nervous I check how far the lightening is and try to comfort him. His fur gets very static before lightening storms. Also have fun comparing weather with daughter across the country. The weather bug is very accurate. Thanks for a very nice application.😍🐶

Good app

Good app, but would be nice to have a dark theme to make it easier on my eyes and also to have watch compilations

Accurate, timely and at a glance format

Start the day seeing what’s up for family, from OR, UT, WY, VA, CO, you always talk about the weather 🌞🌈

Love the Bug😎

I have used the WeatherBug Apps for several years now. Love this updated version. My go-to weather app😍

It gives me what I want

Shows me the weather.


This app has been so helpful to me thank you so much keep it up. This app is so accurate so helpful keep up the fantastic work

My go-to weather app

I’ve had this app for years and I love it.

Okay over all

The design of the weather quality is poor. The font choices used is bad. Other wise the App is okay.

Valuable and Informative!

Can plan my day. Can get critical and current weather info, especially for safety. Thank you. (So sad when others must only complain, now seemingly typical of many in today’s society. Instead of appreciating the good, certain ones only look for bad.)

Very Happy

I fish bass tournaments so 10 day and hourly forecasts with wind estimates are important.

Want to put stuff where “I “ want it again, and take that air quality crap off!!

On the old version of weather bug you we are used to be able to put things where I wanted to see them in the order that I wanted I would like that function back please. You can take the air-quality crap off to I don’t care to look at it and if I did it would be all the way at the bottom if I were able to move my stuff around like I used.

Great app

Love it

Works great

Always accurate. Use it daily. Great maps. Always finds my location.

Why the Lies ?

Bought elite version to do away with commercials guess what, still pop up commercials. Deleted the lie ! Don’t get me started on the other problems

Use it every day

My weather app of choice. I depend on it each day.


Great - shows a fairly accurate report of what is coming


Simply one of the best apps around -go to weather app

The best weather app available

Provides all the weather information you need. Worth every penny. Simple but with lots of detail if you are interested.

I like the app, but...

I like the app, but other apps send emergency alerts sooner than this app does!! Just soon improvement that is needed.

Weather without the hysteria

I really like two things about this app. They seem to have some sort of arrangement with local schools etc, to get readings that are truly local. And you don’t get the crazy-hysterical stuff that the weather channel specializes in.

My favorite app on my iPhone

Love this app. Use it everyday. When I’m out biking and rain showers are in the forecast. I avoid them with the map view. Best weather forecasting

Excellent for weather in the different locations that I travel.

The only suggestion I have for weather bug is to be able to edit the information on the face page. Like to move pollen count to the bottom and some other aspects closer to the top have been playing around with it but just haven’t found out our sure I can be done any help would be much appreciated

Still works good

I have had this app for about five years and still works good on the iPhone


Love the visuals!!! Lots of uses during traveling


This app gives me my local weather but also gives an accurate picture of the areas in which I have an interest. Good and accurate.

Users should be able to turn off air quality feature

Used to like this app a lot. I liked tapping it and seeing everything I needed to know - temp, conditions, wind, and at the bottom was the sunrise/sunset time. However since it was updated, the air quality feature takes up the bottom third of my screen, and the sunrise/sunset got pushed down off the screen forcing me to scroll to see it. There’s no option to rearrange the features you want to see without scrolling. The air quality doesn’t need to take up so much space. And it should be optional. Very disappointed. Regretting updating this app as I was happy with it before.


Awesome! Always up to date and current!

Latest update … an almost

I like WeatherBug Elite, but while the latest update added some nice features, the apps usability lost its way. Now we have a bunch of blank space on the Now tab between the temperature etc. and the “widgets”, and the “widgets” are in an order I hate, and I can’t customize their order. Not good. I either want to rearrange them or turn some off. Thanks

Used to be a great app

I’ve been using Weather Bug Elite for about 8 tears, and I hate the new “Air Quality” section. It’s not terribly relevant where I live, and I’d much rather see the larger “observations” section in that spot. At least give users the ability to move it. I’ve been using WB for 8 years, but I’m ready to look for a new weather app. App: WeatherBug App Version: 5.4.4 Device: iPhone10,5 iOS Version: 11.3


For $9 dollars this app is way over rated. Been into metrology since 1995. Worked in the NWS building in Gaylord,Mi. Good knowledge people. This app is using our local airport for stats. Which gives no wind gusts, no precipitation amount. At least the NWS out of Gaylord gives a point forecast 3 miles NW of Cadillac and comes up with the info not included in this app. Weather Mate and Storm both apps, does give the wind gust and precipitation. The rest of the app is laid out nice. Switching between radar, watch’s and warning, wind, etc is a pain. You can do better especially for what you charge.

Good weather app!

Provides everything I expect out of a weather app.

By far the best weather app

I have used this app for years and it just keeps getting better. New features keep being added and the ability to sync across multiple devices is a great feature.

Ads After Purchase

What happened to the lifetime, ad-free Elite version I was promised after I shelled out cash for years ago!?!?! I will pursue this with Apple. Stop sending me your GD emails.

This app is Going downhill

Ever since the last update I can’t move their stinking air quality tab down, or rearrange the tabs as I see fit. I used to be able to but they took that feature away. Why? Who the hell knows. All I know is I paid for this app and it’s not as good as it used to be.

Killed customised home screen?

You used to be able to move the home screen cards into an order that suited you. Now that ability had been discontinued. Very disappointed. I really have no interest in seeing air quality in my face. Nice to have for smog infested areas I am sure. But give us back the ability to move them. Long is MUCH more important to me at certain times of the year. Others, it is the current conditions. Dropped the ball... Just when I was staying to embrace weather bug again because it had info other apps don't.


WeatherBug is excellent, and has weather data sources worldwide. A couple of things I would like to see: a daily summary of recent past weather, eg high/low temps and precipitation amounts for the last 7 days; and I would like if temps displayed in both Celsius and Fahrenheit scales, rather than having to switch back-and-forth - that would be really handy when travelling outside the US.

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