WeatherBug Elite Відгуки

Best overall

I have used several weather apps and they all seem to have their good features but this puts them together well. There are two things I would like to have more of - I would like to have the hurricane portion kept open so I don’t have to keep switching to NOAA for activity during the season and I would like the full capability of deleting things off the main page that I don’t like and/or won’t use.

Videos distract

The weather part is great but with all the videos and photos, it’s hard to find what you want. There are better apps to use.

Hate it!

New layout is horrible. Everythjs is just way too big and I have scroll around to see what used to be right there on screen. The older version had all the info you could possibly need right on the main screen. Shame they ruined the app to make it look “fresh and new”.

Love this app

Use it often.

Weather bug rocks

Best weather app, especially when you are traveling

Do not buy elite app

Took the pleasure on buying the elite app, just so it could continually crash before it launches.

Hurricane Center

Hello and great app btw, love the lay out. Hurricane Center Very informative, you have wind speeds in the tracking info box, but, not how fast the storm is moving. That is very important to know when you’re trying to track the storm. Please update and 5⭐️ is yours.

Best weather app

I’ve tried several weather apps and this is my favorite. The radar is always accurate and the 10 day forecast is so helpful.

Fantastic App!

Everything you need is there on the App! What more could you ask for?


Great information and precise weather. Thank you for the time you invest in the Weather Bug.

Weather bug review

Good info, fast and quick! Thx!

Excellent weather app

So much more accurate than any other app, including the weather Channel. And now even easier to use. I will say that the station is close to me, however, when they project let’s say 88 degrees in hot weather, it’s always 3-5 degrees hotter. So I can tell what it’s really going to be by adding that to their prediction. I just wonder why they can’t figure out that it’s always going to be hotter here, and make an accurate prediction. I have seen it off as far as 10°

Fav weather app

I’ve come to use this weather app the most of all others. Having worked for the airlines this has become to show the most accuracies that I’ve come to depend on to predict delays and or cancellations for my work day. Sometimes even before dispatch will call me. Crazy I know but true—especially early morning delays due to fog with density and availability fly arounds from radar. Thank you!!

Robert Simmons

No better weather app on Earth. Keep up the good work.

Awesome again 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Only awesome again cause reorder finally came back after taking it away THEN BACK 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 ty

Used Forever

I purchased this app for my iPhone 3G The app consistently evolved and improved with new HW & SW availability as well as general features. Very satisfied.

Weather Bug

I think Weather Bug is a good, reliable source.

Great App

I purchased the Elite version to get rid of the pesky ads. There’s a lot of information on the screen, ads just made it too crowded. I like the weekday/weekend forecast pop-ups at the bottom. My only gripe with the app is the radar map. The design is ok, but a little crowded, controls could be moved around to give more actual map area showing. Overall, one of two go-to weather apps for me. This one being a bit more on the money.

Wildly inaccurate

After months of inaccurate weather forecasts from WeatherBug Elite, I found the native Apple weather app to be far more accurate and a much better value. WeatherBug Elite failed to predict rain on days where flash flood warnings occurred and failed to accurately report the temps day over day. WeatherBug Elite is proved unreliable in almost all reporting.


Distance of Lightning not very accurate More locations closer to spot where you are

Start every day looking at the forecast using WeatherBug

Great and detail oriented app


I liked it better when it would let me pinch the screen to allow me to see where the weather was coming from. I liked when I got the temperature immediately. I liked when I could understand all the buttons, what they meant and how they were deciphered. I do not like this latest update‼️


Very reliable, like the radar, forecast are dependable.

Several year user

More right than wrong

Keeps crashing iPhone X

App keeps crashing when trying to open. Emailed tech support get a copy and paste response “we’re working on it” long time issue now.

Undecided About My $9.99!

First, if you click on local temps, the digital number often overlaps the name of the city. So, it is impossible to read the number. Second, I don’t suppose the developer ever heard of the ADA(Americans with Disabilities Act). I happen to be red-green color blind. So, all the pretty displays of temperature, or whatever, with colors mean zilch to those of us who are RG color blind. I seriously doubt my paying $9.99 for the elite version is giving me much more info than the free one. Mr. Developer, you need to get with it. If you are going to charge me for an app, it needs to be worthwhile. You have some ways to go yet on your elite version of Weatherbug.

Daily use

This is my go-to weather app. It has all the information I need on a daily basis. I do NOT like the “Featured Videos” section - having to see and then scroll past the daily weather disasters to get to the information I need.


Open this app 10 times a day- for driving, what to wear, storm tracking, keeping up with weather where friends live, trip planning and so much else!

Stop asking for a rating

You get one star for asking for a rating it’s super annoying.

Love weather bug

I love the convenience of weather bug, real time radar, and notification of severe weather events/warnings for my current location. I always recommend this app to my friends and family.

Pay for no ads worth it!

TWC app can kiss off. Weather Bug elite gives me as much, no annual subscription cost like TWC. Thx

Yes would like some additions

I like weatherbug a lot. I wish it had two things. An easier “Tomorrow” view. Details of just tomorrow. And I’d like to be able to scrub back and for the last 90-120 minutes to help see what a storm is doing.

My Favorite Weather Bug With Spark

I love Weather Bug Elite. Thank you very much.

Love this app!

Great app! It has all the info one would need!

Art Summers review

I like where the bug. If they are winds and weather predictions all right most of the time. I work on a fishing boat in Destin Florida and I check those often. I also travel a lot and add check the weather where I am going. I have seen other services but none are as good as weather bug.

Excellent weather

Use it almost every day

Weather Bug

I can always count on my Weather Bug. It has served me very well.

Wind icon

This icon should be live not only when you open the app. Ihave reported that the dewpoint Humidity is way off of the daily rainfall is not correct. In the Chicago area we are soaked with heavy rains here and it says that the dewpoint is 11% not right please fix these issues. Other than that I love the app

My go-to for weather

I use this app several times daily. I have two boys playing on two separate football teams. Weather here in Wisconsin changes rapidly. Weather Bug helps me prepare!!

Love the app!

I love Weather Bug on my iPhone. It keeps me updated on present conditions and gives me a look at what to expect in the upcoming days.

weather bug

I love it I wish the android app was this good and no adds

I in joy the short video

I in joy the short weather video

Great app. Reliable and user friendly.

This is an app I check every day, often more than once. I rely on it.

Go to weather app

Easy to navigate and accurate.

Best weather app out there!!

I have tried many weather apps over the last 8 years on many iPhones up to my current iPhone X. Weather bug tops them all👍



Weather Bug Review

This is the best weather app !!!

Historical and average information

I wish I could find a weather app that had average Hi’s and Lo’s data. A long with historical Hi’s and Lo’s. Sometimes I want to know how close to normal the day may be.

Still the Best

My go-to app for the weather September 2018

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