WeatherBug Elite Відгуки


This app has been so reliable for the past 5 years!!!!


Rain fall amounts could be better.

Great App

I check the weather on this app every day!


Have purchased many of the top rated weather, as well as radar Apps. WeatherBug Elite is a far superior App in terms of performance and personalization. Hopefully this App will continue to perform well and not change their philosophy. Unfortunately numerous Apps change their policies whereby they begin to charge those who have already upgraded their membership with monthly charges, etc. WeatherBug - Great Job

Great Radar

Love using the radar part of the app. Would be 5 stars if you could view echo tops of the storm cells. Great use for pilots!

Go Weatherbug!

I’ve used weatherbug for over 4 years. It doesn’t show weather exactly where I am, but close enough for me to be very happy with the app. We’ve moved to a more rural location and it works great out here, too. No app is perfect...weatherbug is close. Keeps me alerted for inclement weather, floods, tornadoes, etc.

Best App Ever

I love its radar for lightning strikes


Accurate and reliable. Always the weather app I go back to, after trying many others over several years.

Weather app.

I find your app. extremely helpful in planning my business. The weather & lightening alerts keep me informed & aide in making sure my employees are not in harms way. Kudos

It’s an awesome app

I’ve had this app on my phone for 10 years and it is awesome. Very accurate and I’ve had no problems with the app.


Keeps getting better! Love the updates and it’s usually very accurate! Highly recommend!!! Love this app! My favorite!!!

I love Weatherbug!

I have used Weatherbug on my phone for maybe 5 years. I have tried other apps and always come back to Weatherbug. The only problem I have is that it won’t refresh when I want it.

Just what I needed…

To keep it simple, I was fishing one day and had one eye on the radar on my phone. I told the guy I was fishing with that it was going to start to rain in about eight minutes, and lo and behold I did. That’s just one part of the app though, I feel like I am always in touch with what’s going on outside even when I’m stuck inside


I've used Weather Bug Elite for years and found it to be the most accurate. Definitely the best 10 day and Hourly features.

Handy, accurate, helpful

Appreciate the one touch weather at home and abroad!

Widget not working

Widget says I need to agree to terms of service and privacy policy but I did that but does not change in the widget. Otherwise love the app and it works great. Fixed problem with update and now the widget is working. Best weather app out there 5 stars!!!!

Phone gets hot and eats battery

Version 5.8.4 is making my phone get hot and zaps my battery. My cpu usage went from 10% to 40% when the app was running. Quit the app and back down to 10%. I have really enjoyed this app over the many years I have used it. Please fix this problem and I will happily update the rating.

One of my go-to apps

I use this app almost daily for local weather as well as for trip planning. Works great!


This app shows alerts after they expire or not at all. I get all kinds of weather warnings, alerts etc from the other apps... this one most of the time shows nothing. Also it can be raining out and it shows sunny or over cast... 10 min later it shows raining. Search for other apps... this one is not accurate or trustworthy. This app is just sad all the way around.

Weather Bug

Use it daily great local and when we travel

Weather Cams

I use the weather cams everyday to actually see the current weather at family locations across the country. Wish there were more. I check the local radar several times a day.


So far the best weather app I’ve used

Great app that has occasional issues

Best app I’ve found for daily weather. Conflicting hourly vs daily forecasts and sometimes freezing or quitting are generally minor issues. Love that it has everything you need in 1 place. Could do without the photo sharing.

Harley Davidson

I ride based on what this app says the weather will be like. Amazing

Great “my Go to” app for weather

Great, love the ability to zoom in. And have multiple locations on file.

Excellent weather app

This is my go to app for local weather.

Outstanding app

Accurate !

Love it.

I run a variety of weather apps on iPhone X and iPad Pro. Each has its place, but Weatherbug Elite is my core app. Runs quick and It’s reliable. Fave features: great hourly and 10-day forecasts; easy to add other locations; lightning tracker; notifications (I just like how they work. Not too intrusive). If you’re a Weather watcher, this is a great tool .

Weather Bug

My go to app for weather!

Weather Bug...My Favorite

I have been using Weather Bug for many years. Occasionally I would try a different weather program. But, I always returned to Weather Bug. It’s accuracy and ease of use made it my favorite...hands down.

Best forecasts

I use Weatherbug everyday. Always accurate. Weather, maps and air quality reports are of special interest to us.

Best Weather App

Very easy to understand and use. Just a quick look and you have all the info you need without having to dig. The upgrade is good without being over the top. The thing I dislike about so many upgraded apps is the changes that don’t improve the app only make it harder to use. Fixing something that isn’t broken just make the look different is irritating. Bug fixes are important, but the rest isn’t.

Widget doesn’t work

Keeps asking to open the app and accept the latest Terms of Use and Privacy Policy but the app doesn’t have any accept button.


Great weather app

Combined with TWC - keeps us up-to-date

Easy to use and helpful when traveling

Great app

Had it for years; won’t use anything else

Many great time

Sooo many app fun on here. Many suprise crazy time. I rove disa app. I have storm weather crazy see time. Many many many time I see stowrm come and it givea me time run faaast


Watch it everyday! So useful and reassuring!

Use it almost daily

User friendly, reliable, use it before I travel and the radar is my favorite feature

This is a great app when it works.

Unfortunately, there are many times it doesn’t break down the hours where my other apps do much more easily. Also it’s not as accurate for rain as some of the other apps. I still use it. I’m a runner and I need to check different apps to see what the weathers like.

It’s all there!

I have 5 weather apps but Weather Bug is my go-to choice. It’s all there at my fingertips. Accurate and clear information. Great app.

Reliable and accurate

More reliable and accurate than the weather channel app.

Used to be my favorite weather app

Something has gone wrong with the radar maps for SE Michigan. Right now Weather Bug is showing rain across the “thumb” of Michigan, but the sky’s are clear and there is no rain. None of the other weather apps are showing rain. I have reported this issue multiple times, including screen shots, but it has not been fixed. They claim to be getting faulty radar data. Looking for a more accurate weather app.

Ex Storm Subscriber

A++++++ You got this app running great. Keep up the good work. Thank you !

Nice app!

Local spots are great, like my kids’ school!

Keeps me dry

I like this app

Very inaccurate

Temperature is usually off by 4-7 degrees even when picking a location 2 miles away. They predict a daily high of 95 when it’s noon and already 95. Then few hrs later predicts a daily high for the day of 97 when it’s 97 outside. Then it winds up reaching 99-100 for a high. Way more accurate for u to buy a thermometer & make ur own guess based on yesterday’s high that you read off your own thermometer. Radar graphs are reasonably useful. This app is better than nothing & better than most others.

My go-to weather.

Has pretty good weather reporting and radar is useful. Good graphics.

Good app

Does what it proposed

Rain is gray!

Why is the weather showing up as gray???

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